Tuesday, August 23, 2016

365 DAYS OF WINTER by Saniya Shaikh

                                                  By Saniya Shaikh

The snow glows white on the mountain today
Not a footprint to be seen
The winter’s coming in
And ‘tis a good place to begin
I love to peragrate
While the large bears hibernate
Everyone is freezing
The wind is breezing
And we all wear architect’s caps
To make snow man in nature’s lap
The nights are so long
And short is the day
The winters coming in and
It’s a good place to begin
So hoaxes could you make the winter
Just as long as I wear all my sweaters
Just till I finish my snowman’s task
Is 365 days of winter too much to ask for?

Sunday, August 14, 2016

SKY by Master Muhammad Sanad

          Master Muhammad Sanad
Sky is an imaginary dome
Where the sun, stars, planets are always travelling.
It is a beautiful long blue carpet,
which is covered all around the world.
It is always behind us,
Wherever we go.
It has several moods,
Which comes out as climates and seasons.
Sky cries when she is sad
Which gives us life
And gets angry whenever she wants
To make us afraid.
She is like roof of our houses
Where we are protected all the time.
Sky, without you

We're nothing.

THE ENDLESS SEA by Master Shamil Muhammad

Master Shamil Muhammad

With my waves crashing on the shore,
And glistening in the sun,
I flow forever,
Into the endlessness.
I am the sea,
Harboring millions of lives,
I flow throughout the globe.
I see many things nobody has seen
I hear many things nobody has heard,
And I’ve reached where nobody has reached.
I feed many lives,
And I take many lives.
I am the sea
Flowing around the globe.

Rain by Master Nipun Das C. C.

Master Nipun Das C. C.
When the rain is pouring heavily on the street,
And flowing through the roads and canals,
I put on my coat and shoes,
And stood on the road steadily.

As I walked through the road,
In the middle of the town,
I stamped on the puddles,
Oh! How happy I am.

The rain welcomes me,
Shares the joy of it,
As it drips down the windows,
And drums on the roof.

I could see the droplets,
And each has a story to tell,
Some people feel the rain,
And others just get wet.

THE SEA by Master Biswajeet Dash

Master Biswajeet Dash

The sea is endless,
Its beauty is timeless.
It may be someone's fear
Or for someone dear.

But, I feel,
That, seeing its beauty any person may heal
It bears wonderful creatures,
God has given it such beautiful features.

For centuries, many ships have sailed in it.
And from darkness someone's life it may have lit
For someone it may be a friend,
Or someone's life it may end,

It has hidden secrets from the past.
Something dark, deep and vast.
Some filled with happiness or glee,
Some secrets of you and me.

And for centuries it will continue to be the same
For some, it may give fame,
And some, it may tame.
For it is one of God's creations.
And, it will continue to be as
Beautiful as it for generations.

MOTHER EARTH by Master Vishwajith

Master Vishwajith
What a beautiful earth!
Green, colourful earth
Preserver and destroyer of mankind
Great blessing of god
Living-beings make her wonderful
Rivers and streams adorn her beauty
Cool breeze softens her surface
Oh ! My mother be kind and loving
We are always with you.

The Sorrows Untold by Kumari Supriya Kumari

The Sorrows Untold
Kumari Supriya Kumari
When the earth quakes
And the forest shakes
The animals run and crouch in fear
The children begin to scream
And wish it is only a dream.

Just at that time,
There comes a wave
Like a great hand
Grabbing everything on land
Nothing will survive
This dreadful might.

Contamination is killing
And destroying the nature
And soon it will be gone
And people will feel
Like they did something wrong.

Nature cries,
And is deeply sad
But unable to say how sad it is.


                                   THE GLOOM OF POLLUTION
Kumari Lakshmi M.V.

My journey from the mountain
Through the darkened forest,
With the melodious voice of my friends,
Always gave me more pleasure.
When I come out of the darkness,
I was happy to see a new friend,
Whose light made me more beautiful
Than ever…

Chatting with my friends,
I rushed like anything…
To the heart of the sea.
In the middle of my journey,
I saw huge buildings.
I knew my brightness ends up there,
Giving way to the darkness again.

I lost my friends,
Who enjoyed with me forever.
I lost my purity,
Which once enthralled the human minds.
I lost my clarity,
Which the humans craved for.
My boring journey with my foes,
The chemicals,
Made me gloomy and dump.
May God change their minds,
To keep me blue forever.

Wednesday, August 10, 2016

The Broken Spring by Master V. Durgadas

The Broken Spring
Master V. Durgadas
Lying in the bed
With my broken leg
Spring came outside
With a lot of joy for all
The vivid canvas which
I can see through the window
Might’ve been painted by
The spring moon yesterday

There are birds chirping and jumping
From branch to branch
In the bright colourful morning
Which now just bloomed off
With diverse hues
Taken from the rainbow at the horizon
But I am in the house with my broken leg

I saw butterflies around
The  flowers for the nectar
Every one enjoying the spring
By playing and chattering each other
But only thing I could do is 
To enjoy through the window
The beautiful blue sky
Filled hope in my eyes
And the calming breeze consoled
For every one it is a fabulous spring

But for me, it’s a broken spring.

The Lord of the Jungle by Ambili P. T.

The Lord of the Jungle
  Ambili P. T.                                          
The king of the jungle I am
Proud of my strength
Everyone falls on my feet
At my command
A sharp roar of mine
Can shake up the jungle
The loudest of mine
Can wake the jungle
My prey has a short life
Because I am behind him
For his life
For my life
I am the mightiest of all
That I know more than all
 Because of which I am
The lord of the jungle
The power of mine
Cannot be matched
As I am the
Strongest of all   

Again and Again it Comes by Kumari Devika K. Lyju

Again and Again it Comes

Kumari Devika K. Lyju

When it was the summer,
I searched for tree for shade.
But I found the stooping kins
Searching for the trickle of water.
The earth was wrinkled,
Like the grandmother.
When the first sweet drop
Fell on my face
I was happy that
‘twas going to blossom.
When the sweet drops
Kissed the ground,
The buds buried under
The rotten memories came above.
The wee tits sings from the yew
Whose searing leaves now full of dew.
 The scuttle changeth the spring, made me whine.
Which maketh the leaves, weary red.
The brook turned red, the trees turned bare
With the falling of leaves.

At last my friends, the snowmen came
When the snowflakes started falling.
And then oozed down
When the sun sheen in the sky
Which made me cry for a long.
The only thing I could do is,
To let out a sigh 
And wait until it come again. 

AUTUMN by Master Sreerag P.

Master Sreerag P.
The fall is near and the birds do know,
That there will be frost and winter ahead
The leaves are left brown,
Like the golden crown of the princess of the nature.
The trees are bright, and the leaves are less
But they stand in pride and might
The ponds and lakes so blue and light
That the leaves couldn’t resist a swim
And that when they do, make a beautiful smile
On every face, big or small
The Winter is ahead and
Shelter to be made,
The bird’s nest is finishing
And the basement becomes a cave.
The season of blossom and cheer,
Bring hope of a future bright
To whom it may ever be needing,

The Autumn is cheering.